Outcasts & Runaways

Outcasts & Runaways is a young adult science fiction Christian novel (potentially a series) involving a group of kids from Earth who escape an insidious scientific organization which has been experimenting on them in their efforts to create the world’s first superhumans. 17-year-old Mercury (she refuses to give her real name), both the newest and oldest member of the group of kids, hopes to lead them to a man who may know how to either rid them of their powers, or protect them from the scientists constantly on their tails.

18-year-old Barrenger, the second main character, is not one of these kids; rather, he is from an other-dimensional world called Thera. Thera is populated by the tulinai, a human-like species of people who wield fantastic powers through a “spirit energy” called selah. Despite its seemingly mystical nature, selah powers are greatly determined by each tulinai’s genetics, and the color of their selah shows in glowing patterns on their skin, hair, and eyes.

Barrenger lives with his mother, the Prophetess of the High Council of the Haweyh people. Unfortunately, he has a bit of a rough time for the fact that his father was a member of the Rukilef, a rival nation of tulinai who are infamous for their bloody, violent nature and their utter hatred for the Haweyh. The fact that Barrenger’s father disappeared when he was 8, and the fact that Barrenger looks more like his father’s people than his mother’s, makes his life rather difficult. But things come to a head on his eighteenth birthday, starting a series of events that climaxes in Barrenger being forcibly transformed and hurled through the dimensional veil to Earth – right on top of the escaping superkids.

The story then follows Barrenger and his human allies as he searches for a way home and helps the kids with their mission. Over the course of their journey, they will learn more about the mysterious organization involved with these kids, the fate of others of Barrenger’s kind who have been sent to Earth, and the worlds-threatening plot that perhaps only he and these kids can stop.

This story has been in mental development for as much as 10 years, but now it is finally coming to life! I am still in Part 1 and have been receiving excellent feedback from my beta readers. I will keep this site apprised as things move forward!

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