RBlog – Give Me Your Writing Prompts!

Gooood morning, everybody! And welcome to The River Blog. As promised last week – and if you’re new here, never fear – I am trying out something new. As I keep stating (in case the Men In Black erased it from your memory for security reasons), this IS an author blog, and I am an author. And I want to get you awesome peeps involved in my writing!


So what we’re going to do is, I’d like YOU guys to suggest a writing prompt. I will have one week to complete a short story, between 500 and 5,000 words, that in some way includes one of your prompts. Then next week, whatever happens, I’ll share the results! They may be brilliant or they may be worthy of the fires of Mordor, but they WILL be revealed for all the world to see!


Anyone can suggest something. I’ll even give you a few guidelines to get the ol’ brain juices flowing. For example, you could suggest a:

  • Theme: a general idea the focus should center on. Could be a single word, like “legs.” What about legs? You don’t know, that’s what I have to figure out.
  • Character: Is the main character a guy? Girl? Alien? Dentist? An alien dentist?
  • Setting: Does this take place in a church? A graveyard? Under the ocean? An alien planet? Inside a man’s stomach? Other???
  • Mood: Will this story be funny? Serious? Suspenseful? Romantic? Fluffy?

Feel free to mix and match, suggest one or all four. Just keep in mind that if you suggest something like “An alien dentist and a purple elephant selling cookies inside a man’s stomach , but keep it serious,” I’m probably going to pick somebody else’s prompt. XD;

DISCLAIMER: I absolutely never write horror, gore, or sex. Aside from that, though, go hogwild and we’ll see if I’m up to the challenge.

I’m excited to see what you guys suggest! And if I don’t get any suggestions, because I am still small amidst the vast ocean of internet social media, we’ll try this again next month. To cap things off for the week, here’s some great Random Act of Kindness inspiration from the Meter Homie:


P.S. If you’re reading this on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter, please still feel free to submit a prompt through those sites!

2 thoughts on “RBlog – Give Me Your Writing Prompts!

  1. doodleea says:

    A piece of civilization in an utterly absurd place (like a vending machine in the sewers or something). This can just be a background piece. Doesn’t have to be the focus. Is it magical? Somebody pulled a fail? What does it say about the world?

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