“The Best Find”

Laura stared blankly at the brown cardboard box full of – to name it honestly – junk, which had just been deposited at the foot of her bed. She glanced up at her sister, who was practically vibrating with excitement.

“Sooo… why is this important again?”

Kendra knelt by the box, pulling items out of it and laying them neatly on the wood flooring. “This is all the stuff I got garage-saleing! Oh man you have GOT to see some of the cool things I found! Look at these!” She held up a pair of violently rainbow-colored socks that were missing the toes. Laura stared even more blankly. “They’re toeless yoga socks! Apparently it’s a thing right now, I can’t believe I found a pair! They’ll be great for my yoga class,” Kendra chattered on, rolling up the socks and placing them next to an old tennis racquet.

More and more items filled the floor, steadily increasing Laura’s level of blankness. A purple football; a stethoscope; a plastic music box; an almost complete set of collectible movie-monogrammed pop cans; a decorative cake-icing kit… more useless garbage came out of Kendra’s box than should have been able to fit in the one-foot by two-foot space. Laura sat back against the wall behind her bed and rubbed her temples.

“Kendra, you know this stuff is at garage sales for a reason, right?” Laura sighed. Her sister was currently absorbed in the details of a chipped porcelain vase. “They’re junk. Anything that isn’t clothes will either be broken or missing something. Those socks have probably been on someone’s sweaty feet! Why would you want this stuff!?”

Kendra placed the sock monkey in her hand next to the other bits so that she could fold her arms. “It’s not junk!” she huffed. “Haven’t you ever heard that phrase, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’? I find all kinds of treasure at these things! Which you’d know if you came with me!”

“Not a chance.” Laura rolled to her feet, dusting her hands together. “No offense, sis, but it’s not my thing. You can’t convince me that it’s worth my time to run around buying cheap castaway knick-knacks.” She paused and studied her sister’s growing collection on their bedroom floor. A grudging smile touched her lips. “Although I gotta commend your packing skills, ‘cause I don’t know how you got all of that stuff to fit in that box.”

Kendra opened her mouth, but Laura was already heading out the door, waving a hand over her shoulder. “Gotta head over to Carl’s. Don’t leave your stuff all over the floor, ‘K?” Then she was gone.

Kendra blew a disappointed sigh, combing her bangs out of her face. “Your loss,” she said to herself. Her mouth tipped up in a grin. “Guess you’re not interested in hearing about the coolest stuff I found. Oh well, maybe later.” She reached into the box and kept pulling things out.

A bowling ball.

A Chinese lamp.

A coffee table.

An eight-foot-long fishing pole.

A replica sword…

“Bottomless box.” Kendra giggled under her breath. “Best. Find. Ever.”

(A/N: You can read all of my posted short stories by clicking “Writing Shorts” in the top Menu. If you have thoughts about what you liked or how I can improve this piece, please feel free to share in the comments below. Thanks for reading!)

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