“Rules for Super Wardrobe Designers to Live By”

So, you’ve decided to become a wardrobe designer! But not just any wardrobe designer. YOU have gone the extra mile: you’ve claimed the indestructible scissors, the adamantium needles, and the phlebotinum-powered industrial sewing machine. You’re ready to wield the mighty powers of fire-retardant thread and invincible self-cleaning fabric. You want to become a fashion designer for SUPERS. (Click to continue reading.)

RB – Good Memories Recap, Aruba Edition

Welcome back to the River Blog, everybody! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! I'm back from Aruba and getting myself back into the groove of things! (Thank you thank you THANK YOU LORD that it wasn't freezing cold when we came back, Ohio why must your weather be so difficult.) You know, when … Continue reading RB – Good Memories Recap, Aruba Edition