“Siren Song”

They come to the sound of my voice. Siren, I’m called. Temptress. Destroyer. So many have died in pursuit of my song.

They don’t know why I sing.

They don’t know it is not me who kills them.

And here comes another, strong and handsome upon his prow. His eyes are full of light, of fire, as he sails to my rock, extends a hand. My heart dares to hope, and I sing. “Come with me,” he whispers, “and I will make you mine.”

The teeth devour him, and my song goes silent.

“This wasn’t the one,” my protector, my keeper, says, its form diving back into the depths. “He wouldn’t love you.”

Another failure. Another heartless man. Will I ever be free?

There is a ship on the horizon. I dry my tears, and sing again.

(A/N: Sadder than I usually go for, but that seems to be the slant my flash fiction attempts move in; maybe it’s easier to convey a really sad/inconclusive tale in this form? I really liked how it came out, though; I think it ended up having several possible meanings/themes depending on your interpretation. 

Also, somebody nominated me for a “Real Neat Blog” Award! It comes with 7 questions I’m supposed to answer; I’ll have that up sometime this week. Until then, have a wonderful weekend, readers and writers!



2 thoughts on ““Siren Song”

    • riverfox237 says:

      That is indeed one of many questions. For once, I can’t answer them for you; this is a rare case where I like my story’s ambiguity. =) Although I will say that I don’t see her as being the one who actually kills them, just as she says. Of course, the question also remains whether any of the story is literal or metaphorical… MMMMYSTERY~

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