RB – Life Updates, Part 2!

Gooood morning, friends, and welcome back to the River Blog! I know it’s been quite a while since I posted a blog entry. I had a fun topic in mind, but I think I’ll take this post to catch everybody up on life events since my last post, since I left a few things hanging. Here’s what I’ve been up to since we last talked:

  • My trailer has been purified with an ozone machine, and I have been living there hives-free for close to two months now! SUCCESS!!! This is a BIG relief as I was not enthusiastic about having to leave my home of two years thanks to a mysterious skin irritant. OZONE MACHINES ARE GREAT
  • I attended an excellent convention recently (Cincinnati Comic Expo), wherein I posed as a “world traveler” (i.e. I had a bunch of junk from a bunch of different fandoms) with my friend Dee who drove all the way out from North Dakota! Here you can see me in the deserts of Tatooine, asking this amiable stormtrooper for directions:
    Asking For Directions
  • My grandmother who was staying with me has been successfully moved over to my parents’ house. She has a really lovely room with attached bathroom all to herself! And now I have an available guest bedroom in my trailer, which has already proved itself useful in bunking my niece and nephew for a recent weekend hangout. =D We played Mario Kart and went to see the MLP movie, it was fun times.
  • I have not gotten nearly enough writing done lately, although I HAVE kept busy with a small comic ask blog on Tumblr. The nature of which I admit to being slightly embarrassed by. (Nothing illicit, it’s just that it’s for a TV series for kids and I get funny looks sometimes when I tell people about this hobby.) Despite said social inhibitions, I am enjoying it greatly and have been able to practice my inking, digital coloring, and backgrounds with it. And we’re getting close to 500 followers, which is MOST exciting! =Dd
  • I HAVE, however, FINALLY finished making some serious editorial changes to Part 1 of my first book, Outcasts & Runaways! I have plans this November to start working on Part 2 daily again, with the hopes of getting more progress to make up for my slacking. Reviews from my two young beta readers have been positive so far!
  • And finally, I have a new, very small, roommate:


Yes, I have a new chinchilla! She isn’t named yet; I am looking for something both sufficiently suitable and clever/nerdy. (This could take a while.) Also, she doesn’t yet get along with my OTHER chinchilla, which is very vexing since I got her in order to keep Chewie company. >.< But she IS quite adorable and everyone loves her, so there is that!

Well, those are probably the most impressive and/or interesting life events for me at the moment! I hope you all are having a fantastic Fall and that you’re finding plenty of fun new stories to excite your imagination. Keep reading and writing, guys!

~Jenn H.

(To all my fellow Egg Salads out there. :D)

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