RB – *Blows The Dust Off*

Boy, this thing sure has gotten dusty! Even some of these stories need a good sweeping off. And that’s just what’s happening. If you’re bored and want to glance back through some of my old short stories, I’ve edited several of them – some lightly, some quite heavily – and will be updating their posts over the next few days! Here are the ones that have been updated so far:

The Old Man’s Robot
The Last Recourse
Shoot The Moon

I will be updating my bigger series, as well, with more significant changes! “The Sofa In The Lake” especially has some major additions, and the Dennis and Bruce Adventures are getting some updates. I’ll keep ya’ll posted when those are done!

Other, more regular life updates:

  • I had a dog for a while, but no longer. Rest in peace, my sweet and adorable Mipha. I was adopted by a cat, who later had kittens, and I kept one, so now I have two cats, Stormy and Clyde. I still have Chewie the chinchilla. The companion chinchilla I got to keep her company ended up being a male, and she had several litters (whoops!!!) before the male found a gap in my window screen and ran off to explore the wild unknown. Good gravy a lot has happened since I updated. XD;
  • I’ve been working on an original My Little Pony ask blog/webcomic for about two years now! I’ve gotten a decent following, and I’m even going to be vending with Trotcon Online this very weekend, July 17-19! Stop by if you want to participate! https://trotcononline.net/
  • I have a nice trailer that is regularly visited by the nieces and nephews, and a very active Instagram full of pet pictures.
  • I MIGHT be seeing one of my stories that hasn’t been posted here yet get published in a REAL LIFE EZINE!!! I’m so excited!!! I will definitely keep ya’ll up to date on that!
  • I am very grateful to the Lord for all the blessings He has given me over the last few years. He has especially helped me to grow in my faith and to start overcoming my anxiety issues. I hope to honor Him with my writing and use the gift He’s given me in ways that glorify Him, however small they may be!

Thanks to anyone who’s stuck around this long and read this far! I hope to have more writing content up for you in the future.

Have a great day and keep reading and writing!


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