RB – Poll Results and Book Stuff

Well, the vote was pretty unanimous: ya’ll are definitely most interested in the story codenamed “Loneliest Bus Rider”! (Terrible name, must think of a new one.) So this will be the short story I focus on first! Thank you Grace, Natalya, and Duri for your votes, the input really encourages me! ^^

I AM a bit concerned I won’t get the first draft written in the two weeks I promised in my last post. Partly because I’ve gotten fresh interest in writing my long-stagnant book (and I must grab onto any motivation that I can!), but also because my parents’ alpaca farm is having a community event in about 10 days for National Alpaca Farm Days, and we’ll be ramping up preparations. It’s our first time running something like this at our farm, and it’ll be all hands on deck!

If I start from right now, the two week deadline would be the first weekend in October, but I will let ya’ll know if that changes! ‘Cause accountability is SUPER HELPFUL GUYS!

Speaking of my book (and accountability), I have another question:

Would ya’ll who read this blog (I know it’s like five but I appreciate each one of you) be interested if I were to start posting what I have of my book, a chapter per week? I have about 16 chapters finished so far, and there’s still a good ways to go (and this is only book 1! Aaaaugh big projects are intimidating). And I’ve learned my lesson on the efficacy of just dumping 90k+ words on someone all at once. ^^; So a chapter a week would be the deal, because I would really love to get some feedback, and I don’t have any beta readers who aren’t also in school right now. (Kids make great beta readers for young adult series, jsyk! But again, dumping a whole bunch of words on them at once… it actually worked great with printed paper, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to start paying the office if I use THAT MUCH PAPER AGAIN)

The reason I’m asking you guys first is that I’ve learned from experience that just tossing big stories online and then getting no response can be kind of discouraging. And ultimately, I know I don’t NEED to post it in order to finish; it would just be nice to get more regular feedback. =) And no one should feel OBLIGATED to give feedback, either, so please: be totally honest and just let me know if you really are interested in reading weekly chapters and leaving feedback! If a couple of people seem invested, I will give it a go.

Here’s a VERY amateur book cover I cobbled together, and a quick synopsis of the series:

“Two connected worlds: Thera and Earth. On Thera, a world where people are all born with innate special abilities, Barrenger Teshma struggles with the legacy and powers left to him by his father. Facing distrust and fear from his mother’s people, he sets out on a desperate endeavor to prove himself once and for all.

Things do not go as planned.

On Earth, a girl with a hidden past and a false name helps her fellow Subjects escape the secret scientific organization experimenting on them to create superhumans. Now these seven kids are on the lamb, only one of them with any memory of the outside world. But they are about to receive some very unexpected help.

Two worlds will collide, in more ways than one. And eight young people may find that they are more important than they ever believed.”

Thank you if you read this far, you’re awesome! I appreciate you following along with me as I reinvigorate my writing blog and get myself back out of the writing doldrums.

Have a great weekend!


And now, because I want you all to cry at this post I found just like I am:

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