RB – *Blows The Dust Off*

Hello! This is Jennifer L. Hilty reporting LIVE from her long-neglected River Writings blog! Thank you for tuning in, especially if you’re one of my followers from way-back-when and still getting the updates. (You’re the best!) I thought I’d do a quick recap to let you know how my life has been since I last came on here to ramble.

Since my last post in February of 2021 (oy vey), I:

  • Worked as a part-time alpaca farm manager while completing a five-course online program to earn a Certificate of Editing from the University of Chicago.
  • Got my first job as an ACTUAL EDITOR! with a company that creates customer engagement articles for local companies (think “3 Signs Your Oil Needs Changed” or “What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?” as examples).
  • Raised a baby mourning dove my cat Clyde brought in miraculously unharmed.
  • Lost mourning dove to an accident once month later, I was extremely sad about it. You are still missed, Pippin!
  • Two months after that, bought an actual DOMESTIC dove, who is nowhere near as cuddly as Pippin but is still a good boy! Say hello to Puddleglum:
  • Formed a writing group with some other writer friends and my niece, and we tackled NaNoWriMo together. I did not meet the goal and spent several months afterward completely reordering certain scenes, but I DID MAKE PROGRESS!
  • Worked at my job for about 10 months, during which time the company was acquired by ANOTHER company and my department was slotted for eventual removal. >.<
  • Got a new, BETTER job copy editing articles written by business professionals! (Been doing that one for a bit under two months now.)
  • I bought a house! A for-real actual house! No more trailer or living in my parents’ backyard WHOOOO (though I’m only 10 minutes away so I still go watch TV with them some nights!) It’s in town and has lots of nice, fun features because it was built in late 1800s and they did some CRAZY things back then, man!
  • Spent about 3-4 months organizing my things in said house, getting holes in the roof and stoppages in the plumbing repaired, taking the world’s longest time painting my kitchen, weeding, dealing with asbestos, etc. etc. until FINALLY I felt ready to hold a housewarming party just a week ago! (It went really well!)
My niece and my friend chilling in the living room, where many cool knickknacks live.
  • Started a Writing Game with my writing group that is going REALLY well, especially considering it’s 5 of us basically writing a story in turn order! It started as a comedy but has turned into an intriguing mystery! The character I contributed to the cause is a cowboy centaur named Greg. XD Maybe (if I get permission from the others) I’ll share bits of it on here.
  • Current Pet Status: Two female cats (Stormy and Shuri), one chinchilla (Chewie aka Pikachewbacca), one ringneck dove (Puddleglum). I still technically own and feed Clyde the boy cat, but he stayed on at my parents’ farm because he’s too fond of the outdoors to be happy in a house in town where I can’t let the cats roam free.

So yes! It has been a VERY BUSY YEAR! Which probably has the most to do with my lack of creative productivity. I have not made as much progress on my writing as I would like, and have in fact been running into many writer’s blocks. I have one big development, though, which is that I realized a way to make Parts 1 and 2 of Outcasts & Runaways into two BOOKS, so I can TECHNICALLY say that yes, I have written a full book!

It was getting way too long to work as a single book, so this is a relief in more ways than one. XD; I feel as though I can glimpse the finish line for Book 2, but it’s still tantalizingly out of reach, so it may still take me a bit to finish the first draft. Writing so many different characters is HARD. But I won’t give up!

In the meantime, though, I am hoping to get more work editing other peoples’ books! I have worked on a few for W.R. Gingell and her City Between series (sooo good, you guys!) and had my biggest project yet working on Megan Charlie’s first publication, Over The Edge! Ya’ll should go read those! I’m hoping to get a profile accepted on Reedsy so I can get some actual work through their editing marketplace. My job is a really good job, but I want to edit fiction and work on big one-on-one projects with my fellow authors! =)

What else, what else… Well, I feel like I’m finally inching out of my creative slump, so here’s hoping I write and draw a few more things in the coming months. I never did finish that short story about the bus trip, and I should probably do that since I promised ya’ll. I also have some fun ideas for fairy tale retellings (I’ve been reading A LOT of those): One is sort of a mashup of Snow White and Cinderella, and the other is mainly a male Little Mermaid but MAYBE could also be a Beauty and the Beast mashup? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE THERE IF I CAN JUST GET THEM OUT

Oh, also, if you were one of the few who read my Mirrorwalkers story notes posts… yeah I’ve COMPLETELY revamped that entire idea, so please pretend those didn’t happen. My sister finally convinced me the original concept was just WAY too complicated and weird, so we came up with FRESH ideas that are complicated and weird but in ways that are MUCH MORE FUN!

That’s all I’ve got for ya’ll right now, except for one question: I’ve seen others doing little serial stories on WordPress, basically writing a story one scene or page at a time and posting them so people can read along. Would anyone be interested in something like that? And if so, what should we start with?

Thanks for stopping in, and have a great week! Peace out,


2 thoughts on “RB – *Blows The Dust Off*

  1. Stuart Danker says:

    Wow, that’s so cool you were an alpaca farm manager, AND you got yourself an editing job! The rest of the list sounds awesome as well, and it seems like you’ve had a wonderful year. Either way, welcome back to the blogosphere, and here’s to writing more!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jennifer Hilty says:

      Thanks a lot! 😀 My experiences have certainly been diverse XD The alpaca farm belongs to my parents and it was nice to earn some money towards my classes while also being able to help out my father. But its definitely nice to have a job as an editor at last! Now to get back into writing, too!


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