Born in 1989, Jennifer Hilty spent a good portion of her childhood watching cartoons about superheroes and inventing fictional animals. Then she learned that she could write stories about those superheroes and animals, and she’s been coming up with ideas for how to do so ever since. Jennifer spends most of her writing time in the worlds of young adult speculative fiction: whether it’s alien dog-centaurs, superheroes from other dimensions, or quests to remove magically obnoxious armor, her stories focus on combining the excitement and possibility of fantasy and/or science fiction with realistic characters who learn valuable lessons. Raised in an evangelical Christian family and constantly developing her faith, Jennifer tries (and sometimes succeeds!) to show the positive ideals and eternal truths of Jesus Christ’s teachings in a way that appeals to Christians and non-Christians of all ages. She is currently working on her first novel, the first in a YA sci-fi series, and has written a number of short stories, some much sillier than others. Her story “Standing With Centaurs” was featured in the 2020 Summer issue of the E-Zine Deep Magic, which can be found on Amazon.

Jennifer lives in a small town in Ohio that no one’s heard of, and is quite happy there. She works full-time as a Content Editor and has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing & English from SNHU and a Certificate of Editing from the University of Chicago. In her free time, she enjoys browsing endless archives of memes, reading, dressing up in steampunk outfits, and drawing comics. She lives with an adorable chinchilla named Pikachewbacca (aka “Chewie”), three cats (Stormy, Clyde, and Shuri), a barbary dove (Puddleglum), a yard full of alpacas that don’t belong to her, and frequent invasions by nieces and nephews because she is the Cool Aunt.

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