“The Moose”

(A/N: My first response to my most recent Prompt Challenge! I asked for prompts involving a thing and a mood. This one was inspired by "Moose/Baffled", suggested by WRITEROFLETTERS.) Pam stared out the window, face blank as a fresh-washed whiteboard. She turned with the slow, mechanical precision of a music box dancer. “Joe,” she said quietly, … Continue reading “The Moose”

“Rules for Super Wardrobe Designers to Live By”

So, you’ve decided to become a wardrobe designer! But not just any wardrobe designer. YOU have gone the extra mile: you’ve claimed the indestructible scissors, the adamantium needles, and the phlebotinum-powered industrial sewing machine. You’re ready to wield the mighty powers of fire-retardant thread and invincible self-cleaning fabric. You want to become a fashion designer … Continue reading “Rules for Super Wardrobe Designers to Live By”


“Are you following me?” I swallowed, leaning away from her accusatory tone. I hadn’t expected this, I wasn’t prepared. “I… uh…” Lana huffed. “It’s a simple question, Andrew. Are. You. Following. Me?” I was cornered. She already knew the answer, or at least suspected, but saying the truth out loud would set her off. I gritted my teeth, … Continue reading “Context”