Flash Fiction – “The Old Man’s Robot”

When the neighbors caught wind of my building a woman, the mocking began. Lonely old coot. Disturbing. Clever. Admiration or dismay varied by personality and taste. Distant relatives, whether by blood or stagnant relationship, suddenly felt a need to express their opinion as I sculpted her chassis and crafted her limbs. I ignored them. They … Continue reading Flash Fiction – “The Old Man’s Robot”



“Get back here, you stupid animal!” The calf dashed out from under Greg’s arms for the eleventh time, heedless of his yelling. Greg hurled his rope halter after it, exhausted and ticked off. He was going to kill that little bonehead. (Click to Continue Reading)

Dream Guardian

Dreams could be very… interesting. Take this one, for instance. A moment ago, Julia had been riding in a hot-air balloon, and now the balloon was a giant nectarine. Or maybe it was a clementine. Those smaller orange-wannabees were always hard to tell apart. (Click to continue reading.)

“The Moose”

Pam stared out the window, face blank as a fresh-washed whiteboard. She turned with the slow, mechanical precision of a music box dancer. “Joe,” she said quietly, “why is there a moose on the lawn?” (Click to continue reading.)