Outcasts & Runaways, Part 1.5

Beginning<– PreviousNext–> Chapter 4 - Earth, One Year Ten Months Ago The Streak The world stood still at Subject 3A’s command. So long as she kept moving, that is. That was the tricky part; she couldn’t just stop to observe, and running around and around something tended to create cyclones. This frustrated her, because as … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways, Part 1.5

Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.3

Beginning<—Previous Next—> Chapter 2 - Earth, Two Years Ago The Singer “Subject 4A is ready for testing.” “Confirmed. Proceed with the test.” The electric shock came, and Subject 4A wanted to scream. Perhaps she would have if she had a voice. Instead, she grabbed onto the buzzing sound of her torment. That was what it … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.3