RB – *Blows The Dust Off*

Hello! This is Jennifer L. Hilty reporting LIVE from her long-neglected River Writings blog! Thank you for tuning in, especially if you're one of my followers from way-back-when and still getting the updates. (You're the best!) I thought I'd do a quick recap to let you know how my life has been since I last … Continue reading RB – *Blows The Dust Off*

RB – Feedback is GREAT!

I have no idea how to start this journal, I just feel like telling ya'll some things that have happened over the last few weeks. So I shall jump right into it (and probably jump all over the place in the meantime, pardon my leapfrogging, I am scatterbrained). First, let's get the sad/grumpy news out … Continue reading RB – Feedback is GREAT!