RB – Deep Magic Summer 2020 Release!

It's here! It's here! My first ever published short story is out because the new issue is HERE! https://media.tenor.com/images/ba43d50fc2860299c652dfdcf2f569ec/tenor.gif Published this past week in the new Summer 2020 issue of Deep Magic, my short story "Standing with Centaurs" is now available to read, along with four other great short stories and two novel excerpts! You … Continue reading RB – Deep Magic Summer 2020 Release!

RB – My First Published Story!

So for anyone who saw my last update and was like, "Man, what brought her out of the woodwork all of a sudden?", I can now with full confidence share my EXCITING NEWS: I have sold my first short story to an honest-to-goodness Ezine!!! My story Standing With Centaurs will be coming out in the Summer … Continue reading RB – My First Published Story!