Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.10

Beginning<– PreviousNext–> Chapter 9 - Thera Something woke Barrenger, leaving him blinking in the dark. A tap on the chargestone timepiece on his bedside table showed that it was an hour until dawn. What had made him wake up? He almost turned over to go back to sleep when he heard it again, more clearly … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.10

Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.4

Beginning<-- PreviousNext--> Chapter 3 - Thera Lunch was a simple affair, light salad and toasted fruitbread with citrus water. No self-respecting Haweyh overate before their coming-of-age feast. Barrenger dug in anyway, commenting on the tasty smells coming from the kitchen (while carefully ignoring the burnt ones), avoiding the subject of the swords. He still wasn’t … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.4

Dream Guardian

Dreams could be very… interesting. Take this one, for instance. A moment ago, Julia had been riding in a hot-air balloon, and now the balloon was a giant nectarine. Or maybe it was a clementine. Those smaller orange-wannabees were always hard to tell apart. (Click to continue reading.)

“Waiting Out The Storm”

Nothing. Daniel checked the city network with his laptop like clockwork every few minutes, trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Still nothing. He would have banged his fist against the keyboard if he had the energy, but the stomach flu running wild through his system only turned the anxiety into more nausea. (Click to continue reading.)