RBlog – Musings On Sofas (And Writing)

Hello all, and welcome back to The River Blog! I'm your host, Jenn Hilty, author and procrastinator extraordinaire. When we last left The River Blog, I was posting the first "half" of "The Sofa In The Lake," the writing prompt challenge I gave myself a week to finish. Of course, this being my first time … Continue reading RBlog – Musings On Sofas (And Writing)

RBlog – Give Me Your Writing Prompts!

Gooood morning, everybody! And welcome to The River Blog. As promised last week – and if you’re new here, never fear – I am trying out something new. As I keep stating (in case the Men In Black erased it from your memory for security reasons), this IS an author blog, and I am an author. … Continue reading RBlog – Give Me Your Writing Prompts!