RB – Thoughts on Posting Part 1 of My Novel

Hey all! It's been a few weeks now since I finished up posting the preview chapters for Part 1 of my work-in-progress novel Outcasts & Runaways. I have to say, there were some definite positives to the experience! One of the primary positives was viewing my work from the perspective of actively sharing it with … Continue reading RB – Thoughts on Posting Part 1 of My Novel

Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.17

Beginning<– PreviousNext–> Chapter 16 – Earth, Two Months AgoThe Plan The note was slipped into her sleeve during a routine medical examination with Dr. Thomas. She read it in her room, blood pounding in her ears. “Finished hack. Tracers will be neutralized when time comes. Confirm if ready to go ahead. Need all kids on … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.17