Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.12

Beginning<– PreviousNext–> Chapter 11 - Thera Time crawled as Barrenger waited for night, prowling the hallways of his home, avoiding the suspicious stares of the temple guard and the worried whispers of the house staff. Marta was gone most of the day, no doubt up at the temple chewing the ears off the High Council. … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.12

Outcasts & Runaways, Part 1.5

Beginning<– PreviousNext–> Chapter 4 - Earth, One Year Ten Months Ago The Streak The world stood still at Subject 3A’s command. So long as she kept moving, that is. That was the tricky part; she couldn’t just stop to observe, and running around and around something tended to create cyclones. This frustrated her, because as … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways, Part 1.5