Outcasts & Runaways – Part 2.1

Beginning<– Previous PART 2 - WORLDS COLLIDE Chapter 18 – Earth Jenny screamed, and something shiny and pink slithered instinctively over her arm. Shannon zoomed by in a white flash, snatching another two darts out of the air as a host of guards poured into view yelling and waving tranq rifles. More guards raced to … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways – Part 2.1

Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.16

Beginning<– PreviousNext–> Chapter 15 - Thera Barrenger raced through endless hallways, but each one held a mirror. He would turn a corner as soon as he saw one, but there was another, and another, and another. All of them were his face – or were they his father’s? Or Salein’s? Or some other Rukilef he … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.16

Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.4

Beginning<-- PreviousNext--> Chapter 3 - Thera Lunch was a simple affair, light salad and toasted fruitbread with citrus water. No self-respecting Haweyh overate before their coming-of-age feast. Barrenger dug in anyway, commenting on the tasty smells coming from the kitchen (while carefully ignoring the burnt ones), avoiding the subject of the swords. He still wasn’t … Continue reading Outcasts & Runaways – Part 1.4