RB – Writing Prompt Challenge MET!

Hello, my friends, and welcome back to the River Blog! It’s been two weeks already, hasn’t it. For those of you who missed the update, I have been absent the last couple of weeks due to working on a Writing Prompt Challenge I gave myself! Some AMAZING prompts were give to me (special thanks to DURI ROLVSSON for boosting my post!), and now, after two weeks, I can finally show the results!

The prompt was “Noun and Mood”, and I received several fantastic suggestions, including (but not limited to) “Planet/Delight,” “Bus/Lonely,” and “Duck Shaped Post-it Note / Chaotic” (so many points for creativity on that one). I actually am working on at least one more short story from the prompts, but the first to be completed goes up first, says the rules of logic!


WRITEROFLETTERS‘s suggestion “Moose/Baffled”!


I love random/silly stories, and this was perfect fodder for one; it only took a few minutes of considering the implications to come up with a premise, and then it was just a matter of developing the plot from there. It’s always entertaining when I start a story with some inexplicable situation (in this case, a woman looking out the window to find a moose in her lawn) and then set out to explain it, figuring it out for myself as I go.

Naturally, I couldn’t have the explanation be anything NORMAL. That would have been boring.

Anyway, without further ado, please go give “The Moose” a read and tell me your thoughts! This is still an early draft and I imagine that this, like so many of my short stories, will experience revisions down the road. But I’m pretty satisfied with it for the two-week time frame it was written in. 🙂

I shall post the next prompt-story next week! (And who knows, I might be inspired AGAIN during that time!) Thanks again for your suggestions and for reading!

~Jenn H.




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